Dear Dairy : I saw A Condom ( SEE MY RESPONSE)

Dear Dairy : I saw A Condom

Last week I was over at my fiancee place and while trying to clean up his room that was so dirty, I saw a used condom behind the door and I pushed it out for him to see and he saw it but said he didn't know anything about it.

The condom didn't have any semen inside, it looked like what was inserted and removed without using and possibly tossed because the wardrobe is just by the door.  So I assumed it was tossed there because it could be that the inserting was done there. I maybe be over thinking this whole thing but I am struggling to believe him.

He said he didn't know how it got into his room and I know he hates condom. He gave a possible scenario that maybe he stepped on it unknowingly outside and mistakenly brought it inside the house. But where he keeps his shoes is far away from the spot where the condom was lying.

I refused to continue the argument with him because I didn't just want to feel bad that night,  but its really disturbing me and I feel something is going wrong .

Do you think I am being Paranoid?


My thought
I don't think you are being paranoid and you may choose to pursue the thought or let it go. Its your choice but I don't think you are being paranoid or over thinking. You are acting like a normal human being in a relationship and asking the right questions and also assess things as they should.

I also do not think he is being honest with you, but again, It is  your choice to make.


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