Serial Rape of Secondary Students By Their Teachers In Ekiti State.

The Ekiti State Government has raised the alarm over high rate of defilement of public secondary school students across the state by their teachers.

The Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Olawale Fapohunda said the ministry of Justice and state police command were currently investigating the allegations of sexual violence in the state-owned public schools.

The governor spoke in a worthy manner and I must commend him. Here is what he said.

He disclosed that he had received correspondences that he should not prosecute the matter to avoid possible face-off between the ruling APC and the teachers, saying the government is ready to go against all odds to prevent the state from being tagged a thriving land for violence against women and girl-child.

“I find such reasoning unacceptable and deeply offensive. This is not about APC or PDP, it is simply despicable that anyone will play politics with the lives of our daughters. If our insistence that our daughters will not be raped will make us lose teachers votes then let it be so.

“Majority of teachers in the State are hard working, many working diligently under difficult conditions to ensure that their students excell.

It is therefore important that the NUT take immediate and urgent action to identify the very few who are bringing the name of the union into disrepute”.

What I found despicable was the fact that some humans,  supposedly parents want this matter to be swept under the carpet and allow the devil run rogue.  What manner of devil's do we have among decent humans in Ekiti?

Imagine sending your innocent 8 year old to school only to be raped by her teacher who should be her guardian and role model.

I like the fact that he has charged NUT to fish out those responsible for this beastly acts.

Sourced: Nation news
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