Cover 19: Where is Nigeria

I was reading  Kelechi Deca's post this morning on how nations of the world have improved  their security surveillance / architecture and proactiveness  in fighting Covid 19. In his words,  the world as we know it, will not remain the same as they are adopting extraordinary measures to avoid a repeat of this incident and I ask myself  where is Africa in  all of these? Where is my country Nigeria ?

Why are we the way we are?
Why can't our leaders be real to us?
Why do they lie and fake so much?
Why are they so wicked to their country?
Where is the burden of leadership?
Where is the burning desire to do right?
Individually, we all want to see our country work?
Individually, we have conscience to do right?  What about our leaders? Where is their conscience?
Wait oo..... I hope that Satan's kingdom is not in Ask rock...So much so that he takes over the minds of those elected and forbid them to do right?

Because I can't seem to get it? What is so difficult in giving good governance?
If indeed we have men who are ready and willing to bring a positive change.....nothing will stop a willing and ready minds. Absolutely nothing!
I think there is a strong power over this nation because nothing is making sense!

Imam of peace said something yesterday,  that we are a country of 200m people,  people of intelligence,  hardworking,  smart yet being led by clowns.

Don't tell me about illiteracy in the north,  don't tell me about constitution,  don't tell me about divided interest and all what not. All of that cannot stop a people who wants to bring about a positive change.......we are all human and we all like good things.

Burn the goddam constitution and write another one! Write a constitution that suits us, our uniqueness, differences  and don't give room to the devil to manipulate it. Write a constitution of equality,  fairness, justice.

Those bunch of empty brains, big stomach and greedy eyes should not be in our assembly.  Any ex governor who did not meet a certain standard as a governor should not be allowed to handle any political position.....let his political ambition die naturally!

Sometimes,  I wish I have some mystic powers to wash this country and reborn it.....

Hey, these things are not rocket science if we are serious.

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