You are Getting Married To My Husband- British Woman Cried Out

A British Lady with the username “Gill Ukpong” took to  Facebook to cried out for help as she releases evidence of her legal marriage to a man marrying another lady in Nigeria.

The man “Mr. Kufre” reportedly left her in U.k to come to Nigeria and marry another young lady.

Gill Ukpong wrote on her facebook page “we really are married, ask him about his wife in the UK. Look you can say anything you like, ask my husband why he has not divorced me from this marriage.”

She further wrote that second marriage is nothing as long as she has her marriage certificate with Mr. Kufre “Yeah second marriage is nothing, no amount of money will make it legal.”

Facebook user, however, advised her to fight for her right. He wrote:

“Get a lawyer to enforce your rights, you have your evidence. Just do the needful”

Meanwhile, Gill Ukpong laments that she never had a knowledge of Mr. Kufre’s marriage before.

“Until I found out on Friday, I had no knowledge just bits of things I heard. Now I know well, I’m speaking with family about this devastating events”

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