Cheating Men and Their Killer Wives

I belong to the school of thought that says  when a man is cheating on his wife, the wife has no scores to settle with the mistress, side chic or the other woman. Wife should take her fight to her husband...except where the lady is your friend....even at that, it's still a business between wife and husband.

A cheating man will always be  a cheating man! If you fight Rosemary today, be prepared to fight Elizabeth Jones you know why? Because the issue is not with Rosemary.

I have also come to understand that man hardly ends relationship....yes, they are very weak when it comes to that, especially when they are cheating. They will want to leave the door open for the day of oftentimes,  it's the ladies that ends such transactional  relationship...

Stop embarrassing yourself and family in the name of fighting the other lady.
Ladies, honestly, you saw that he has wondering eyes before marriage,  but you all thought that when the children comes, he will stop.....ofcourse he will stop at say ......70.

Since majority of men have wondering eyes as young men, take a decision before marriage to either live with it or take a walk.

Now, to the aspect of trying to  harm the man for cheating.....this is becoming to rampant for my liking...from outright murder to inflicting body damage..... and the society is responsible for this.

A divorced woman is almost left with nothing!  Sometimes,  it's difficult to get her ex husband  to be financially responsible to his children....go to your state welfare board and see mountain of case files.....

The government must step in to promulgate divorce laws and settlement for couples who may want to divorce,  that way, the woman is not left hanging dry because she walked out of marriage......

Because clearly,  they rather become windows,  keep the house, his assets, money, friends and family than have a cantankerous divorce and bad blood.
Men please if you must cheat kindly note these:

That your wife is not stupid.
That times have changed
That she is emotional committed to the relationship and will not be happy when betrayed
That she makes your food, decides what you wear, when you sleep and knows your routine more than you.
Please, don't rub your cheating arse on her face.
If your wife is a quiet woman,  please don't cheat
If your wife is soft spoken, please don't cheat her
If your wife has hot temper please don't cheat.
Oga, you are not smart!

Everyday look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself....."I am not smart, I will make mistakes,  and she will know, therefore,  I won't cheat ".... let the fear of death keep you alive biko.

Finally,  most women don't forgive,  she will wait for you when you retire and cannot do certain things on your own.......then you will see her true colour
Can you see that there is no way out......walk away or remain faithful.

This does not mean that marriage is not sweet oooo......e sweet die.....


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