Patch Patch Government With Patch Patch People In A Patch Patch Country

Nigerian citizens are one of a kind humans on earth. Aren’t nobody is going to accept the kind of shit we deal with in this country.

Yet, we come out alive and moving.

I think this country is still standing because we are all together.

Igbos alone can’t tolerate rubbish from anyone... like are you feeding me🙄.

Yorubas individual competition over wealth and fame will be their undoing.

Even the Hausas are not any better really, because when you look into their shokoto you will see unbelievable things.

Hey, this my opinion maybes unpopular but debatable.

This is not to say restructuring is not the best. It is progressive and that is the main focus, Progressive!

How can a country be this stagnant, how can a country survive such level of Thierry? How do you steal a country’s resources dry and still expect it to flourish... like how?

Is Nigeria ever going to get any better? I doubt because it’s is far rotten to be salvaged.

This is not about God performing miracle over Nigeria ooo... No! It’s not. Even if he decides to send angels from heaven, except he kills most of those in power in any form... except he kills them all which is not God’s way of doing things..😁 It’s impossible to save Nigeria at the level it’s going.

Saving a country must take strong will, dedication and 100% commitment, sincerity of purpose.

Since we are not all on same page on how best to save Nigerian, we will all join hands to tear it down because this patch patch administration and life style of a country is not working.

A country that steals from the poor cannot prosper, a country that neglects her elders cannot progress, a country that has no sincere plans for her youth will fail.

These are laws of nature, not mine.

You can’t swallow my truth? Say yours.

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