Reasons Why Insecurity Is At It’s Peak In Nigeria

When a highly respected person tells you that the insurgence in the north east is not stopping because the hands in the cookie jar are similar to the hands that should be defending the country. One is left wondering if peace will ever return to Nigeria?

When the president is fine with average, mediocrity and poor performance of his service chiefs, though tired but not retired for a fresh mind to take then can we win over insecurity?

If the army on their own appreciates the benefits of reshuffling, why not an ex general(s)?

Well, what is that quote on insurgency from our very own benevolence, Father Christmas, No nonsense, lootest of them all- Gen.Sani Abacha? 

“ If Insurgency lasts more than 24hours the government has a hand in it”.

This quote might not be entirely true because Abacha was a man of action. He never knew we will have men though with all the powers, but chose to act as though they don’t have any!

When information is given and informant are being witch-hunted, insulted and disgraced, how can insecurity be solved?

Intelligence reports are being manipulated or dumped to Favour an administration or a group of people, how can the country be secured.

Like a radio commentator stated, Nigerian leaders know what to do! Her citizens know what to do! When we are ready to fix this country... WE WILL WAKE UP!.


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