Why People Are Against Big Brother Naija ( WATCH VIDEO)

Every year Nigerians complain about Big Brother Naija. Every year people write long epistle against the program....yet, the show is growing stronger and bigger with higher price reward. Last year Innoson's car was the price car. 2020 with all it challenges, N85m is n the table for grabs in the winner takes all contest.

As usual many are out condemning the show, so much so that Nigerian government joined to threaten its closure.

My question is “Are you worried about yourself or your children?..yes I mean you!

Since the show started I have not sat down to watch the channel.... Maybe because I have variety and other things to do.

If you are worried about your kids, initiate PG on the stations showing it... otherwise, let 

For me it's really a matter of choice.

Choose what you do with your time and stop with the noise.

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