Ebonyi State Builds The First Electric Tricycle In Nigeria (WATCH VIDEO)

Ebonyi state government is doing everything right and leading in both the provision of world class infrastructure and human development. They have taken the initiative to empower the women in the state, thereby eradicating poverty.

The electric tricycle is locally manufactured using the local electricians and technicians in the state. Some of the parts are locally manufactured while others were imported from China by the state government. I tell for free, Ebonyi is the leading state in Nigeria.

Speaking to the media during an interview on this giant achievement,  the commissioner for human capital development - Mr Orji Uchenna told news men how they came about the initiative and how they achieved it with the efforts of the governor.

He revealed that the first phase of the project was to empower the women as they are significant part of the society.

Speaking to one of the beneficiaries - Rita Onele commended the government for this laudable project. She equally expressed her gratitude to the governor and the whole process. That no money was collected from them and they are allowed to remit only a small amount towards the payment of the tricycle.


The challenge of charging point has been solved as charging points has been created for them to drive in and charge their battery.

Very laudable indeed.

We are confident that if the Ajaokuta is revived, flat sheets - steel needed for the manufacturing of these tricycles will be readily available and will help in bringing down the cost of production.

Better days ahead.